Responsible Innovation February 26th, 2021



Progetto Quid is a sustainable ethical fashion brand: it is an all around project. It encompasses environmental, social and financial sustainability. The founder Anna Fiscale tells us about it.

Anna, which is your approach to sustainability?

“We work to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry, the 80% of  the fabrics we use for our collections are remainders or big companies' discontinued products. But at the same time we have a social impact by giving an opportunity to work to people who are often at the margins of the labour market in 16 different countries. Clearly all this works only if we have financial sustainability, that is a business model enabling us to grow and be recognized, influencing the system positively and guaranteeing stable work to the 150 people we employ today. 

Where do you produce?

Our product is based on upcycling. Our challenge is to create our products with surplus fabric, which sometimes is very valuable. For instance last year we received more than 20 thousand meters from a company in the luxury industry (at stock prices or donated). Each model has dozens of variations, depending on the fabrics we find. Our collections are made in Verona, Italy, where in the machine production, quality check and ironing we employ 90 people. Often they have consolidated experience in the clothing industry and they come to us  because they have lost their job due to te delocalization of their companies,  but sometimes we need to train employees from scratch.

Where are the suppliers, where do you find the surplus material and what's the impact on the area?

“Since 20133 Quid has recovered more than 800 km of fabric thanks to a network of about 30 suppliers: Italian brands and textile companies. Most of them are km zero producers and therefore we are able have more direct information on the origin of the fabric they give us.”

What is the inspiration of the collection you are showcasing?

“The inspiration of the  FW21 Unexpected (green)  are leaves, roots, moss, flowers, birds, skies...  together with the colours of the earth. It's “unexpected” because we need eyes and renewed feelings to recognize very daynature as a living part of ourselves e.”  

Wishes for the future?

“As a mum and  chairperson  for Quid I want to be confident in a fresh start, which should focus on solidarity values between our generation and the others, between our culture and the others, among different categories, nationalities ages in order to rebuild Italy and our Europe. I think that new opportunities  may rise from every crisis: it's painful but it can also be a source of inspiration. We, for instance, have converted the supply chain during the pandemic by patenting a mask that can be reused 15 times and thanks to it we were able to end the year compensating the losses from this period. We are anyway convinced  that ethical fashion has a future only if accompanied by aesthetic research and collaboration. We want to collaborate with other realities, both with other brands and other cooperatives in order to have a greater impact.

An achievement you are proud of and an area where you still should grow?

“Certainly  the Green Carpet Fashion Award 2020 for the category  Social disruption was great recognition toour work. But we still have to work on the right formula to combine communication and project in oder to enhance both without losing  sight of the design and market.”


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