Responsible Innovation February 22nd, 2021

IINDACO Interview


How did it all start? 

«We have known each other for many years, we are friends and one day in November 2018 we were in a telephone conversation. We were complaining about how great fashion houses were showing indifference in the management of materials and samples. When you work for a large company, you have very little hope of being able to change things. We said: “Of course, with the knowledge we have… maybe… we could…” No sooner said than done. Sustainability reflected our ethical and moral principles, so we founded our brand ».  

If IINDACO is the meeting point between day and night, you are like night and day

«Yes, we couldn't be more different (According to Pamela, Domitilla is versatile and imaginative, with a different look every day; while - for Domitilla - Pamela is the lady of beige). But rather than choosing one vision only, we opted for the mix. IINDACO is the interweaving of super clean geometric lines with non-trivial materials and colors; for an elegance that is still able to be eyecatchy”. Which kind of materials do you use? 

Where do you produce? 

«We produce in San Mauro Pascoli with natural metal-free tanned leathers and soon we will also include waste from the fish market such as eel or salmon skins. Basically we try to be as sustainable as possible, even if there are thousands of variables between internal components, threads and glues in footwear. We actually chose the right moment for sustainability because there are so many realities that are evolving with us. For example, we work with a tannery that has patented a biodegradable leather. Where we can, we turn to certified ecological materials, especially for core colors such as black. While we use stocks for capsules in collaboration with prestigious showcases or seasonal models, which do not need continuity ».

Where would you like to improve?

«Our goal is to start collaborating with all those realities that deal with the product, for footwear disposal. We would love to tell the customer that he can resell their shoe to us or suggest them the company that collects used items. Obviously we need to grow in order to do this. In general, we are happy to have survived 2020, also because when we thought of making a sustainable brand in 2018 it seemed something absolutely infeasible. The best news is that sustainability is truly becoming a concrete reality for the fashion system and we are proud to be part of it.

Do you have any secret wish?

«Yes, opening our own store to establish a deeper connection with customers and launching another product category».



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IINDACO Interview
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  How did it all start?  «We have known each other for many years, we are friends and one day in November 2018 we were in a telephone co...

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