MAGAZINE April 16th, 2021


Fondazione Pistoletto


Hi Flavia, how are you?

"Good, thank you. There's a buzz in the air that almost scares me! We'll have to see how the orders are going, but I have to say that, finally, the interest for sustainable fashion is tangible". 

You started in 2013 with a small modular wardrobe. How have you felt since then?

"I have refined the product in terms of design, and I have worked more on modularity and functionality. I have reduced the pieces and increased the combinations: today, in my kit, three garments turn into ten combinations. Now I am a complete designer, and my knowledge of sustainability is much deeper than earlier. I have become a businesswoman: I think of the product and how to communicate and sell it. When I describe my garments, I do formation and give information on the processes and fabrics, always following the highest degree of transparency. 

Has your idea of sustainability changed? 

"No, I have given attention to design, materials, and people who I work with since the beginning. If there is s difference today, it is the attention to the garment's end of life because I want it to be recycled. That's why it will be vital for me to have my e-commerce. Today, the idea is to recover end-of-life clothes, but I need a strong partner to develop this plan.

What is the achievement you are most proud of?

Definitely, the victory at the Green Carpet. But bringing to the market something at an affordable price is my greatest dream. I want everyone to go into a shop and buy some of my clothes. I want to find a quality chain store that embraces my values and allows me to produce sufficiently through a continuous partnership and reach a larger audience by cutting down prices. There is always the chance to produce limited editions with boutiques that want to do special projects. I want to keep all channels open".

You pioneers had to work hard.

"It's true. In the beginning, I could have recycled polyester only black or white. Then I had to make it more interesting by inventing laser processings or other solutions to make a basic material more attractive".

Today it is said not to be sustainable

I do not use it anymore, indeed. I prefer natural materials such as Tencel or Tencel Luxe, a botanic version of silk, or the regenerated wool of Prato. 

Some people also attack Tencel

I went to Austria to visit the factory in Lenzing, and I assure you that it emanates white fumes, and in the lake where they flush water, there are swans and fishes. There aren't chemicals there. 

Where do you produce?

"In Novara at a social cooperative set up in 1994 that cares about hiring people in need. It is a socially conscious reality that respects the standards of sustainability. 

We went from a situation of "pneumatic vacuum" to chaos of certifications. How to do it?

"I'd like to put in my clothes a QR code where to obtain all information. It is necessary to be transparent with the final customer so that he/she can choose with awareness. When big names say that a fabric containing everything is sustainable, this is misleading. 

What do you present to White?

Besides my continuous models, I created outwears, from the blazer to the overcoat, and wrap skirts that I always recreate with the lower part of the coat. And then two variants of trousers."

Is there something you haven't done yet and would like to do?

I want to work on modeling to embrace more sizes so that I can include every woman". 

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