Responsible Innovation May 10th, 2021

Etique, sustainability is also haute de gamme

by Miriam De Nicolo


Etique is the high-end fabric company born in 2015 during a lesson about sustainability at Identità Golose. The children were explained the importance of recycling and how much themselves, their parents and generations coming after, would be able to enjoy the fruits of this great ethical and civil commitment. The speaker, Maria Grazia Picchi, had then created a line of accessories for these little big minds. She started with sustainable placemats and sent a greater message by creating a first green collection for the Asian world. From Japan to Italy, Maria Grazia Picchi has created a successful brand, Etique, a fabric converter for luxury fashion companies, attending the top 10 trade fairs worldwide. Etique, was able to register zero contraction on the market during this difficult historical moment and plans on expanding the noble concept of sustainability to the nautical world, which is very sensitive to the subject.

We interviewed Maria Grazia Picchi, the founder of Etique:

Who is Etique?

Etique is the Made in Italy fabric converter born in 2015 with the aim of placing itself in the “premium” and “haute de gamme” market. It produces fabrics for the high fashion market by heavily investing in new techniques and research, obtaining certifications that led to the credibility gained and gave a great advantage on the fashion market. Etique's most representative customers are from Japan and France, followed by Italy, England, Korea and America.

What is your mission?

Etique stands for giving each customer maximum customization and uniqueness, these characteristics placed us in the most relevant trade fairs: Blossom Paris, Premier Vision Paris, Milano Unica and Jitac Tokyo.

Where does the search for yarns take place?

Our yarns are all traceable, a crucial condition for the customers we work with, who require top dedication and the agreement on very complex contract specifics.

In which way are you considered a sustainable brand?

The investment in sustainability was automatic for us. Etique has always been considered an ethical and niche company, certainly not for everyone and sometimes unreachable for those who think at products just from a price point of view. Silks, nylon, viscose, polyester are all certified fabrics and this step reflects in a 15-20% price increase for customers, compared to non-certified products. This becomes a real declaration of intent, allowing us to declare a "sustainability report".

Any advice for those approaching fashion world today?

Try to create lasting fashion that respects the environment with an ethical and sustainable approach.


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