Market Players June 11th, 2021

HISTORES: Felloni, a family story

By Massimiliano Benetazzo


Felloni's history began in 1945 when Giancarlo and his wife Dina went on their honeymoon in Como, the homeland of fabric and silk, crossing roads and bridges recently built, with love and enthusiasm for their new job. 

Felloni Tessuti's first showcase was opened in 1946 in Via Mazzini. The store was narrow and long, and the small showcase gave light and color to the whole street. In 1951, the business needed more retail space, so Giancarlo decided to move to Piazza Trento Trieste to a store with six showcases overlooking the square. At a time of great competition, they managed to stand out by offering a wide range of products and organizing the first fashion shows in the neighborhoods, collaborating with local tailors. 

In 1961, after long negotiations, they upgraded to a bigger shop in the current location of Via Canonica 6. The inauguration marked an important moment for the city. That location was perfect for displaying the best silks, fine linen, and the noble mohair, alpaca, and cashmere fibers. 

Through constant research for adjusting their business to the market's needs, it soon became a referent point for important occasions, ceremonies, weddings, business meetings, and free time, satisfying the most sophisticated and demanding customers. 

At the end of the '60s, Giancarlo and Dina encouraged their young sons Giulio and Alberto to have work experience with a fabric supplier in England. When they returned to Italy, their parents decided to involve them and passed down their passion for the trade industry. 

The two guys, fresh of Beatles and Rolling Stones, started the experience and brought to Ferrara colors, matchings, and surprisingly innovative clothes that led to concrete results. 

In 1999, after considering the numerous requests for women's fashion, Felloni Donna opened in Via Bersaglieri del Po 56, with brands and models that sophisticated customers appreciated. During the following years and with the same philosophy, the young Riccardo opened Felloni Studio in 2005. Inside that new store, he developed particular attention to menswear trends and the world of concept stores. 

The fusion of books, cultures, accessories, fragrant essences, and clothes immediately turned out to be a winning and innovative mix for Ferrara. Today the store is under the careful guidance of Riccardo with the collaboration of his cousin Beatrice. 


The desire to renovate and invest in the trade industry leads Riccardo and his sister Arianna to open a new store: Felloni Studio W, a destination for trendy and refined women with great attention to new fashions and trends.