Market Players May 14th, 2021

HISTORES: an association of Italian clothing shops.

By Massimiliano Benetazzo


Histores is an association of Italian clothing shops and accessories, born from shared experiences, such as the passion for beautiful and good things, the knowledge and professionality consolidated over the years, and the protection of the Made in Italy, with great attention to the public. 

Its members come from all over Italy: from Courmayeur to Palermo, passing through big cities such as Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Reggio Emilia, Lecce. From historical and artistic centers such as Ferrara, Ravenna, Trento, Pescara, Perugia, Biella, Alessandria, Novara, Brescia, Bergamo, Bari, Taranto, Terni, Messina, L'Aquila, Chiavari to areas rich in traditions and tourist attraction such as Lake Como, Sorrento peninsula, Lake Maggiore, Franciacorta, Apulia and Smeralda Coast. 

The idea of the association is a practical confrontation with an open and effective dialogue, able to share knowledge, increase quality, improve the service and be on the side of the customer. 

The direct experience of the public inside the multi-brand stores is an irreplaceable moment for the members of Histores. It is a moment made of proposals, sharing, and vision. It derives from the listening pleasure that leads to shared satisfaction. 

The members are entrepreneurs who have been dealing with trade for over 50 years and carry out their mission thanks to passion, seriousness, reliability, and, last but not least, respect for the customer. 

A crucial and irreplaceable moment for each member is the product knowledge and protection, from the raw materials to the production process. 

The Made in Italy means many things: for HISTORES, it results in a daily commitment made of research, passion, attention to detail, and much more, always with an open door on a street or a square to welcome and satisfy customers with the greatest of pleasure. Moreover, each member strives to respect an ethic based on loyalty, fairness towards suppliers, respect for collaborators and customers, and to know the product and enhance it, supporting the Made in Italy and the country where we live. 

To extend its circle, the association is turning to multi-brand stores with a strong territorial connotation and are making "business-to-consumer" the primary source of their revenue. 

The associates support each other through dialogue and collaboration among them and with supply companies, creating an exchange network aimed at business growth. 

Among the several projects, they want to conduct scouting activities on up-and-coming brands and create favorable conditions for a distribution network on the entire peninsula. Besides, they want to set up a Private Label to propose their own brand exclusively for Histores shops, promoting the association through social networks and communication actions. 


Moreover, they aim to create a marketplace platform with shared warehouses, organize training events and collaborations with supply companies that arrange dedicated capsule collections, product training, and display projects to schedule throughout the year.