Inspiration June 10th, 2021

Doria 1905 Acqua dell'Elba: the capsule collection that tells about the sea

By Caterina Di Iorgi


The encounter between excellences always gives rise to extraordinary collections, a mix of stories where creativity and accurate quality research are the common thread. These are the values that Acqua dell'Elba and the historical Salentine brand Doria 1905 share. They present the new capsule collection "Doria 1905 sails with Acqua dell'Elba". 

The hats by Doria 1905 land on the amazing beaches on Elba Island and make a partnership with the perfume brand, born 20 years ago, which continues its journey to allow us to discover the true essence of Elba Island with its inebriant perfumes, the caress of the wind, and unpolluted places. For summer 2021, the capsule collection inspired by the sea comes to life. It takes its name from two wonderful beaches on the island: "Innamorata" with white and fine sand mixed with pebbles and a crystal-clear and blue sea, and "Sansone", a 300-meter-long bay made of small white pebbles with dark steep-to cliffs on the sea. Two hats, one for women and the other one for men, created ad hoc in the laboratory of Doria 1905, combining the most iconic models of the brand with the creative and adventurous spirit of the Tuscan perfume brand. 

Innamorata, the evergreen Drop large brim model, is interpreted in a marine key with light and textured pure linen fabric in "Pantone" color, the symbol of Acqua dell'Elba. Decorated with a grosgrain, it has a white cotton piping to emphasize its freshness. The light pure linen lining makes it a modern and everlasting garment. Made with the same materials, the model Sansone, the classic medium brim Drop model, represents a real must, elegant and genderless. On the internal blue-sea ribbon, there are the two brands' logos, hand-printed in gold, a detail that makes it unique and personalized. 

Doria 1905 and Acqua dell'Elba dress the new Millenium explorers who consider traveling a social occasion. A conceptual and stylist philosophy that enhances the craftsmanship in a harmonious balance between fashion and tradition, modern trends and memories from the past. In this way, Doria 1905 and Acqua dell'Elba celebrate the triumph of nature and simplicity, creating a unique mood dedicated to the easy life for free spirit travelers.