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Gentile Catone, a brand founded by Francesco Gentile and Chiara Catone, is a multi-faceted world. 
They find their harmony dissonant nostalgic allure and cheeky romanticism. The collections reveal the iridescent and magmatic universe beyond the garments. Distinctive features of the brand are the extreme refinement of prints and natural and eco-friendly fabrics.

What is fashion for you?

For us, fashion has been the gateway that has allowed us to escape from an ordinary, dry, pre-established life. We want to create without impositions or schemes, but only following the moment's intuition, expressing a personal vision, and making all this your work is the most satisfying thing there can be. 

When and why did you start your brand? 

We wanted to change our lives because we were dissatisfied. I had a degree in law and Chiara a degree in classical literature. I was working as a lawyer while she was working at the Accademia Della Crusca. Everything was already written, with no possibility to dare, to go off the rails. One day I came home and said: we must have something of our own! From this act of rebellion, Gentile Catone was born, the union of our surnames, as if he were a little bit our son. Three years have already passed since that day. 

Where do you take inspiration from when you create? 

Our collections take shape from the combination and mix of different sensations. Some of it is just instinct telling you what to look for; some of it is a lightning inspiration that can come suddenly, even during a walk; some of it is our cultural background. We let our interests guide us, a book we've read recently, an idea suggested by a film, which then maybe has nothing to do with the film itself, a trip. 

How would you describe the collection you will present at White Show Milano? 

The collection is a voyage à rebours into the imagination and prints of Gentile Catone, among dejavù, voluptuous flowers, and literary suggestions. We started with the idea already launched by the big fashion houses to reward quality over quantity, without the expiration of the trend and sustainability over the disposable. We have proposed a collection in the literal sense of the term. Garments "to collect" and have in the closet all year round, without a link with the seasonality. 

Future projects? 

In the future, we would like to expand our distribution network in the fashion sector, especially in Asian countries where we have our core market: Korea and Japan.

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